Conquer Danang and Hoi An, Vietnam on Motorbike

Motorbiking the Hai Van Pass in Danang.

One of the great reasons to travel on a motorbike in Vietnam is because of the spectacular scenery. Therefore, when traveling from south to north in Vietnam, we chose to travel on the motorbike during the time when we were in Danang. Hai Van Pass in Danang is definitely a great destination to travel on a motorbike because it is considered as “road without traffic”. This is due to the newly opened tunnel under the mountain which improved the traffic flow on the mountain road.

Hai Van Pass according to Wikipedia, it is an approximately 21 km long mountain pass on National Route 1A in Vietnam. Back to the Vietnam War, Hai Van Pass is the route that connected two cities which are Hue and Danang. Nowadays, Hai Van Pass is perfect for a short and safe motorbike trip. It is considered as one of the most scenic road in Vietnam and one of the best ocean roads in the world. Therefore, you couldn’t have missed this amazing destination when you visit Danang in Vietnam.


Our motorbike adventurous trip started at Barney’s Danang Backpacker Hostel (Hostel pictures attached below). It is a great hostel near to the famous Danang Dragon Bridge. The motorbike was rented at the rate of VND 200,000 per day which is around 10USD. If you do not know how to ride a motorbike but you have the desire to try on the motorbike trip, I would recommend you to have some alternatives in which you can hire an “Easy Rider”, local Vietnamese who provides you one-day exclusive tour in the city on his motorbike.

The journey started with the long ride along the beautiful coastal beaches. After around 20 minutes biking, we started to climb up the hill. After another 20 minutes, the climbing enabled us to view the whole Danang city and its coastline. The whole road is free of traffic. On the way, we saw some motorbikes and travel buses. Thanks to the newly opened tunnel which improves the traffic flow along the Hai Van Pass. We stopped by certain point to have a look at the breathtaking view. The scenery took our breath away!


Once we arrived the peak, there is an old fort waiting for us to explore. Back then, it was a fort built by French Colonial which then used as a bunker by Vietnam and US armies. We had a stop here and start to explore the fort. It was a nice place to take some good pictures.


After the peak, the road starts sloping and straight to Hue city. The road is zigzagging with lots of sharp corners so we have to be careful on the vehicles coming on the other side of the road. There will be one point where a breathtaking view appears in front of us which took our breath away! That is the Lang Co beach and the Lang Co Fishing Village. According to some local guide, Lang Co is always a point which we will pass by in the route of Hai Van Pass. It is the last stop of our Hai Van Pass journey. The scenery is really amazing and after crossing the Hai Van Pass, it is a flat road leading us to the fishing village. We enjoyed ourselves in the scenic view along the village road. In addition, we were lucky enough to have a view of the train passing by the route.



After roaming around the village, we headed back to our hostel to have a rest. In the evening, we continued our motorbike trip to Hoi An ancient city.

Hoi An: The ancient city with traditional lanterns.

We came after the beautiful night view and delicious local food of Hoi An ancient city. In the late evening, we departed to Hoi An City and we took about 45 minutes to reach the destination. When night falls, this ancient city became colorful and fanciful in the light of traditional lanterns. The old houses are located along the small streets and are being decorated by different colors of lanterns. There are shops for delicacies, drinks, souvenirs, clothes and so on.


Chicken rice which is also known as Com Ga in Vietnamese is a must-try-food when you visit Hoi An. The shop we visited had really a long queue, therefore we waited for some minutes before entering the shop! It was really delicious!


Besides, one of the famous local street desserts is also available along the street. It is called Che in Vietnamese which means dessert soup. In Vietnam, it is easily found beside the street. Under such a nice atmosphere, we chilled along the river and have a dessert.

Along the river, we saw people carrying out various activities. Some took the boat on Hoai River, some enjoyed the street food while chit-chatting with each other and some lighted up the floating lanterns and sent them to the river. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing.


We reached back to our hostel at around 9.30pm at night. It was a tiring day yet we had high satisfaction towards our motorbike trip. Danang is definitely a wonderful place which worth you to travel on a motorbike! Before ending this post, not to forget to introduce the nice and warm Barney’s Danang Backpacker Hostel! The staff here is very nice and welcoming. They gave us lots of travel information such as where to get nice and cheap food, how to travel in a crazy way and always care about us. Besides, the hostel’s hygiene is well maintained with the towel is being changed every day and the room is clean. The rate of the room is 6USD per day. In addition, the hostel is located at a strategic place in which it is located at the street along the river side. Every weekend, the traveler had the chance to watch the dragon bridge show. There is a bar on the fourth floor of the hostel, the traveler can have a nice night view of Danang city!

Hostel information:
Name: Barney’s Danang Backpacker Hostel
Price: 6USD per day








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